Mobile Ordering & the Consumer Experience

mobile ordering and what it means for brand customer experience and loyalty

The Problem with Mobile Ordering

Why I Hate Mobile Ordering

The Customer Experience

  • Starbucks, why do I have to re-enter my modifications if I decide I want a larger size?
  • Everytime I open my Starbucks app, it uses 25–50 mb of cellular data. That is a lot. Especially when on a bad connection (like a busy city street) and it takes three times longer than it should to geolocate a store and load everything needed.
  • Chipotle, what about when I want double rice or just a little black beans? Entering a note at the end of the order cannot be an efficient way to handle those modifications.
  • Orders are kept behind the counter, but the baristas are too busy getting the drinks ready of people who waited in line to ask if they can help you, get your name, go to the mobile orders, look through them until they find yours (if it is ready), and bring it back over to you.



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