LastPass is one of the largest password managers in the market with over 20 million users globally. They operate on a freemium model, the idea being the business/pro users who pay for the service cover the ongoing feature development of the product. Beyond passwords, LastPass also offers encrypted storage for things like credit card information, bank accounts, and other notes.

In March, they made a big change to their free tier that substantially limits the usefulness of their free product. Free users will only able to use the product on one “device type,” either computers or mobile devices. …

If you’ve been on Twitter in the past two weeks, you’ve probably seen at least one person looking for or offering up invites for a new app called Clubhouse. Maybe you’ve even seen people trying to sell their invites. What is Clubhouse? Clubhouse is a voice-based social network app. In the app, you can join a room and start chatting with friends. It was developed in July during the middle of a global pandemic and has taken off in the circles of Silicon Valley and the like. It is currently still in an invite-only beta.

While it may seem obvious…

What Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Holiday 2020 may look like for retailers and consumers

This year will be the end of Black Friday as we know it, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing…

Simon Property Group and a number of retailers have announced they will not be open on Thanksgiving, which is a big shift from even last year. Over the past decade, stores have pushed their open times earlier and earlier, hour by hour until some were opening at 6 pm on Thanksgiving. …

“Social media’s greatest assets — anonymity, ‘virality,’ interconnectedness — are also its main weaknesses.”

- Evgeny Morozov

The internet has changed how we connect and interact. You can play video games with people around the globe, order products directly from a manufacturer, or talk to old friends from high school. You can do all of this after quickly creating an account with your email address.

The ease and quickness of this are great for us and the companies building the platforms. We don’t have to go through pages of forms and registration and they get more users by lowering the…

In the three years since I graduated from college, people have asked about my college experience more times than I can count. For as many people who congratulated me and told me how great of a decision I made, I have had just as many people question the money I had spent and experience I had gained, putting me in the position of having to justify my choice to people who have no skin in the game.

I chose to go to a private college that after tuition, room, board, and fees cost ~$48,000 my freshman year and closer to…

There are an innumerate number of guides out there on couponing and investment apps. I’ve found most of them to not be helpful, as they suggest things I either already know, or take too much time and don’t work with my lifestyle.

This is a no-nonsense guide to saving money for busy people. It prioritizes high impact areas to save and is based off the spending habits of Millennials.

These are all apps and programs that I actively use and have hand picked out of the hundreds or thousands out there. …

Photo by Miguel Ferreira on Unsplash

Very few industries have gone through as much of a tumultuous history as the music industry. In the past 40 years, the industry has gone through SEVEN music distribution mediums (8-track, vinyl, cassette, CD, MP3, ringtones, streaming). In 2019, only two of those are growing: streaming and vinyl.

Yet, when I tell people I own a record player and a not-insignificant number of records, they often write me off as a hipster millennial. Why would you pay $20 for a 12” disc that you need a speaker system and turntable to play?

Well, I can give you five reasons:

1. The Sound


Amazon is the single largest online marketplace for, well, anything. With nearly 50% of all sales online taking place on Amazon, if you’re not listed there you’re missing out.


But you know this, and you’ve done all the work needed to create top-notch listings for your products. You have the best pictures, the best copy, and tons of five star reviews. You’re the top organic result for high volume keywords. Everything seems great. Until you realize you’re actually the 11th product displayed on the search engine results page (SERP). How is that possible?

This is how:

In six months time Massachusetts craft beer darlings Tree House Brewing and Trillium Brewing have both purchased farms in Connecticut. The overarching reaction has been:

In six months time Massachusetts craft beer darlings Tree House Brewing and Trillium Brewing have both purchased farms in Connecticut. The overarching reaction has been:

You don’t even make enough beer, why buy a farm?

They’ll never be able to grow enough hops or barley to meet their annual needs and all of the New England breweries started on farms are trying to move off of them. …

I’ll just come right out and say it…

…churning out a new beer every week is not innovative

…adding pizza, fried chicken, or ghost peppers to your beer is not innovative

…it creates hype and it’s good PR, but it is not innovative

Both brewers and drinkers seem exhausted by these practices. Turning what were once small batch side projects into a mindset of pleasing new-money haze bros. Yet, for every person who stays home from some new whale release, two more get in line. …

Dan DeSimone

Digital Marketing & Ecomm Tech Specialist from Boston, MA

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