17 Money Saving Tools for Millennials

  • Banking
  • Receipt Apps
  • Credit Card Monitoring Apps
  • Miscellaneous
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1. High-Interest Bank Account

  • Barclays Online Savings account offers 2.20% interest with no minimum deposit.
  • Simple offers a 2.02% interest bearing checking account with a minimum $2,000 balance.

2. Student Loan Refinance

3. High Reward Credit Card

Receipt Apps

4. Ibotta

  • Any item in a category, such as $0.25 cash back on any apples
  • Any item in the store, such as $0.25 cash back for scanning your grocery store receipt

5. Fetch

6. eBates/Rakuten

Credit Card Monitoring Apps

7. Drop

8. Dosh

9. Uber Local Rewards

10. iDine Rewards

Miscellaneous Apps

11. Pint Pass

12. GymB

13. Joyride Trivia

14. Target Cartwheel

15. Givling

16. GasBuddy

17. Spot Hero




Digital Marketing & Ecomm Tech Specialist from Boston, MA

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Dan DeSimone

Dan DeSimone

Digital Marketing & Ecomm Tech Specialist from Boston, MA

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